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"For The First Time Ever Learn Live And In Person The 'Real Secrets' Behind What It Takes To Force Google To Send You A Never Ending Flow Of Cheap Hyper Responsive Leads!"

If your pay per click account looked like this how many leads would you generate?


What's Going On?

Daegan Smith "The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead" is holding a very special behind closed doors live and interactive webinar where he's going to literally open up his Google Adwords pay per click account to give you the unadultered truth behind what it takes to master the pay per click game for your home business once and for all.

You'll learn EVERYTHING first hand in a live and interactive step by step point and click idiot proof process that goes from point A to Z in generating dirt cheap pay per click leads without expensive software or being some kind of a genius. Click Here To Register Now

What Will You Learn In This Live Interactive Webinar Event? 

The Set Up

checkFollow me as I open up my computer to yours and I walk you through step by step while you see and here the whole process first hand WITHOUT mystery

You'll  discover the 'Insider Secrets' to instantly have Google sending you a tidal wave of super cheap and hyper responsive traffic within 15 minutes!

How to find the hidden in plain site keywords that convert time and time again into leads, recruits, and paying customer WITHOUT spending a dime or having to figure out how to use some complicated keyword generation software

checkThe ONLY question you EVER need to ask yourself before starting a new campaign that will virtually assure the success of every new pay per click advertising campaign forever

checkI'll share my 4 favorite secret webistes that I use to steal the best and most highly targeted keywords without having to come up with a simple thing (Hint . . . ALL you need to know is what to look for.)

Going Live

checkHow to instantly triple the size of your keyword database and exposure without any additional work. More keyword = More exposure = More traffic = More leads = More sales and recruits for no additional effort. (It's all in the setup.)

checkWhy most "GURU's" are dead wrong about how and where to place your ads. If you're following their advice you're spending twice at least as you should be and getting worse leads

checkThe little known secret to getting a 50% or better conversion from traffic to leads.

checkWhy if you follow along with "Adwords" the way I do it you'll never get stuck paying $5 per click like all the dumbies out there that don't know any better.

Maximizing Leads And Profits

checkAn overlooked technique about how to write your ads that WON'T get you more lead, but it WILL guarantee more of them pay you on the spot. When I made this quick change to my campaign I went from 60+ leads a day and 12 sales to 60+ leads and day and 18 sales = One two second change that will simply make you more money . . .

checkThe one second simple "push button" change I made to my Adwords campaign that dropped my per lead cost by more than half within hours

checkThe final step that every advertiser MUST follow that's left out of every Google Adword training book on the planet. Once you learn this idiot proof step you'll never have to worry about ever loosing a dime using pay per click marketing again. . .

…and many many more never shared before secrets and which you'll see first hand and live as I open up my computer to yours. Click Here To Register Now

 Grab your seat now and you too can have a Adwords account that looks like this...


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Why Is Daegan Holding This Live Video Webinar Event Where NO Other Online Marketer Would Dare?

Because Daegan Smith, "The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead", unlike some of those "GURU" types, is actaully a guy who does what he says and loves teaching it.

There is no better why to prove this point and to help you over the hurdles he once faced learning this, sometimes tricky, traffic and lead machine than to literally open up his computer to yours and show you how it looks when it's done right from the inside out.

Now ask yourself . . . When was the last time your favorite GURU of the month ever did that?

Make No Mistake, He's Paid His Dues In Full . . .

What will be learned in this mind expanding session was learned through years of experience and a lot of trial and error. Daegan doesn't believe you should have to walk the same long path he has.

And to be honest, he does have one selfish aim as you'll hear during the event itself. More than anything else he loves knowing that he's helped you over a huge hurdle. He selfishly WANTS your testimonial.

Don't be surprised when he asks you for your feedback continuously throughout the event.

Was This Event Created For You?

If learning how to generate massive traffic at dirt cheap prices with pay per click in a live and interactive environment is something you're interested in then it certainly is.

And quite frankly, he wants to encourage those in the beginning stages of building their own business, building their own dream. 
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What Does It Cost? 


That's right, for about the same price as 5 gallons of gas here in Washington DC which would last you about 2 days driving to and from the J.O.B you can join me live and in person and learn a skill that can bring you leads, sales, recruits, and profits for a lifetime.

The normal registration fee for an event such as this is $99, but if you're one of the first 50 to register and join me you can soak up all I know on getting dirt cheap traffic for life at an early registration discount of $79.

For just $20, you'll end all your pay per click marketing frustrations and not only learn what works right now, but you'll see it live, in real time, and you'll get all your questions answered live on the line.

Sound like a fair deal? If you're paying $3 a lead right now and I can help you reduce that amount in our time together by half and just help you get 15 more leads you've actually made a profit. I don't know a better deal than that. Click Here To Register Now!

Here Are Your Important Webinar Details:

Date: Friday, October 10th 2008

Time: 5pm PST or 8pm EST

Duration: 1 Hours - 1.5 Hours depending on how many questions you ask

Registration Instructions: As soon as you register via the link below you will be forwarded an email with the webinar registration instructions you will be able to listen in either via the phone or online. It will be your choice. Please be there 5 to 10 minutes early to make sure we're smooth sailing at the start time.

Focus: An exhuastive step by step and interactive live webinar training event focused on profitable pay per click marketing using tactics and techniques that work currently in the home business arena.


Because I will be opening up my personal accounts and showing you this portion of my business from the inside out I ask that you do not share the information discussed with anyone. For attending this event this is your information and your information only.




How Long Does This Early Registration $79 Discount Offer Last?

As you can imagine, if this call has 100s of people I will not be able to effectively address everyones questions.  Because of this the early bird registration will be limited to 50 people and a total of no more than 75 will be allowed in this event.

Business is business, and so, after the 75 total lines are filled the registration links to this event will be removed. So don't wait, reserve your seat now! Register for this event today!

To the top ,


Daegan Smith
"The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead"

 P.S. Remember there are only 50 lines available at the "early bird" rate of just $20, so be sure to get your spot in this live event before the price increase to regular $99 for this event. Register for this event today!

Here's what a few who've taken the plunge have said . . .

"Value exceeded price . . ."

Thank you Daegan for tonight. Value exceeded price.

It was very helpful. My biggest aha moment was when you showed me how to mask my domain. I didn't know I had to mask the domain in addition to forwarding the domain!

Again, tonight was appreciated! I was zipping home trying to make sure I made it here on time.

I can't wait to reflect back on these times...
Angelique Price

"One of the best trainings I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of!"

Great call

One of the best trainings I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of !

You broke the complete adwords procedure down to a simple,easy to understand step by step formula that even a person rolling out his first campaign can easily understand.

I've listened to two of your trainings now and have been completely impressed with your ability to convey everything in an easy to understand format

Well Done!
Mike McClain

"This webinar was definately worth the $20.00 . . . "

Hello Daegan, this is Carl Coffin. I enjoyed your webinar this evening on Pay Per Click Marketing. Daegan I learned so much, it's hard for me to list everything but what I found the most valuable was how to create google ads the right way.

I found focusing on Big hope and How to get it, and Big frustration and how to end it was extremely valuable.

I also loved the idea of separating the broad, phrase, and exact keywords into separate adgroups. I never thought of that.

This webinar was definately worth the $20.00, thanks for spending 2 hrs. teaching me pay per click.


Carl Coffin

"Excellent webinar....."

Excellent webinar.....I joined the Midas Group on May 11th or so. All I can say is the information you gave out on the webinar will help me tremendously with setting up my Google Adwords campaign correctly.

The resource for articles just took it way over the top :-) Not too many successful marketers would give this information out. Thank you!!!!!!

Please send the audio and/or video when available.

Thank you,
Theresa Johnson

"What I liked most was your presentation style."

Thank you for such an informative webinar. What i liked most was your presentation style. This is what it is, this is what you do, this why you do it and this is what it means. All meat, no filler .

Thank you.
Eric Stark, Seattle

"I am so glad I took part in this webinar tonight!"

Hey Daegan -

I am so glad I took part in this webinar tonight! I have been so scared to break into PPC due to the horror stories I have heard about it being so costly & risky. But tonight you made it very realistic for me to dive into this and I can actually see attracting more targeted prospects to me.

I have been a free web 2.0 chic for the past 9 months...but I am ready for some explosive results and feel ready to do the PPC thing!

Thank you so much! $20? This call was worth a lot more than that! Again..many thanks!

Your Partner in Prosperity,
Steph Perez

"I have to say that it was awesome!"

Hi Daegan

It was the first time for me to participate in a webinar like this one but I have to say that it was awesome. I'm unable to tell what I liked the most of it because it was such an amount of information and for such a low price, just great.

Thanks again Daegan for the webinar it was very late for me in Holland ( it is now 04:37 am Tuesday) but I'm very glad I did participate.

Luc Mattys

"You know your stuff... "

Daegan, I've been following your newsletter and see you've become a "guru". You know your stuff..

This webinar was great, I learned a few tricks, to make better my conversion rates and how to get HOT keywords, thats what I take from it. I recommend this for begginers as well as intermediate PPC Users, 2 hours of great EDUCATION.

Carlos Barahona

"The whole PPC process was valuable to me."

Hi Daegan,

My name is Quintin and I'm a newbie so watching the whole PPC process was valuable to me. What sticks out for me was how you went through the keyword research and the thinking behind it.

Thanks for sharing,

"Last night's teleconference was A++!"

Hi Daegan,
I just wanted to write you a quick email and let you know that last night's teleconference was A++.  There was a ton of information and you could have easily charged us a lot more for all tips and tricks you gave us. 

If I had to pick out one AHA moment it would have to be you actually walking us through hand in hand and showing us how to set up the ppc ads from beginning to end.  It is one thing to explain it but another thing to SHOW someone how to do it exactly. 

Again thank you very much and I am looking forward to the next teleconference.
Your friend in Success, 

Jesus Leon

"Can't wait for the next webinar you hold!"

Thank you,

I have spent a lot of money on ebooks, videos etc to learn the "google secrets". What you showed last night, and price such a low price, was incredible. Can't wait for the next webinar you hold.

paddy athia

"You're a true leader and it's a real joy and privilege to follow in your footsteps!"

Thanks Daegan, for a great webinar.

The one thing that really impressed me was the way you worked to get your ads inserted in searches for other mlm people and/or companies. It was pretty slick how you attached your ad to those searches.

Again, thanks so very much for the way you share all your research and results with the rest of us. You're a true leader and it's a real joy and privilege to follow in your footsteps. And thanks also for making the audio of your webinar available to us.

All the Best,
Erik Jorgensen
Minneapolis, MN

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